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What's life like to be a frog?  It's time to find out.  As a hungry frog, you're goal is to eat flies, mosquitoes, and dragon flies.  But watch out for the bumble bees!  Those yellow jackets will ruin your day.

In Hungry Frog, you play as a normal frog, hanging out on your lily pad waiting for a delicious meal.  But with the bees flying around, it's easy to mistakenly catch a bee.  Catch too many bees, your mouth swells and dinner time is over.

Created for Pixel Jam  (April 2 - April 12), this game is entirely pixel art with a theme of "1 button."  I chose the left mouse button to operate this entire game.  The player only needs to left mouse click to navigate, eat flies, and fill your stomach with a variety of different bugs that will cause a different reaction.  Some bugs counteract the effect of bees, some allow you shoot your tongue faster, and some may ruin your dinner.  Eat the wrong bugs, the game is over.  

Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
Tags1-button, Pixel Art


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