Minimalist Intro

Minimalist Intro

I started on the intro screen tonight.  I wanted to capture the basic idea I had from David Rollyns' sketches and start working on how the interactions with the world would take shape.  I snagged a simple fire sound effect off from Krisboruff.  I found this low volume effect added just enough to the intro screen to make it interesting.  I've added very little to the original reference artwork.  I created sprites for grass, a pile of rocks, and a flower just to breakup the flat line ground sprite, and possibly add some functionality in the future.  A simple fade in for instructions to click to continue.  It currently just ends the game when you click but will soon drop you into the black and white, minimalist world.

Game Design/Mechanics:

My current thoughts for this game is basic survival:  food, water, shelter, and sleep.  I'd like to make the player able to interact with any object, thus the popup menu when you hover over things.  This won't be available on the intro screen but I wanted to start testing how this will look and function in the game.  I suppose with the sleep requirements I'll have to create a night/day cycle.  I don't think this will be a problem and will give me an opportunity to add some lighting effects.  For food, in the beginning the player will have the option to try and kill small game or forage for berries.  Maybe have a watering hole with fish?  The shelter crafting will be simple starting out.  The player will need to gather wood and/or stone (same for the camp fire).  

I'm also currently designing the game as a 2D side scroller.  I'm not completely sold on this idea.  I have a couple reference images of an isometric minimalist world.  I may end up trying something else or combining the two.  Maybe top down?

Game Story:

I haven't given much thought to the story.  I've never expected a story when it comes to survival games.  I suppose someone may ask how the player ended up wherever they start.  Maybe that's the game, survive and find out who you are and what you were doing.

Game Controls:

I'm currently programming the game to be ran completely by the mouse, like a point and click adventure.  It would be easy to add keyboard controls later if needed.  And maybe the keyboard controls would make the game more interesting.  I kinda like the idea that the player can just kinda wonder around and interact unless you click and specifically tell them what to do.


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Mar 14, 2018

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