New Options Menu

Quick Update:

Worked today on the options menu that will popup for each object in the game.  I started with the pine tree or "tree" menu and only included 4 options:  inspect, chop down, climb, and exit.  The coding for this little dude has been giving me the run around, but I think I finally got it working correctly.  When the player chooses the climb option, the player now walks over to the tree and enters the "climb_state."  And also the exit...exits the menu and allows the player to choose something different.

I felt this option had more of an appeal to the game than text.  It was also easier to code to have the functionality I was looking for and turned out looking pretty good.


I've entered into the PixelJam #2 for this weekend.  I've got a couple small ideas to take my mind off this project.  This will take some time away from Minimalist, but for now I think I can manage.  Look for the next DevLog towards the middle of next week!

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